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Spotted: Four Loko in NYC Deli; A Saga Continues

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Four Loko has clearly become the moonshine of the ages, the sweet forbidden lotus whispered about in basements and backrooms, the weird and tantalizing tonic that’s very existence cannot be confirmed.

And yet…here it is.

This picture, captured yesterday on a certain New York City street, verifies that yes, in fact, Four Loko can still be procured. The sign may be…well…handwritten on college lined ruled paper…but there it is, man!

In the event that you’re just waking up from a four month Four Loko induced blackout, here’s the requisite background: Four Loko, an alcoholic-energy drink, was ordered last November by the FDA to reduce its caffeine content if it wanted to remain on the shelves. A black market was born. Hoarders began hoarding. Over some Italian food last night, a friend even confessed to me that she had bought 22 Four Lokos and currently kept them in her freezer.

To preserve them?, I asked.

No, she said. To prevent me from binging. If I have to wait for one to melt, that’ll give me enough time to really think about what I’m doing.

But Four Loko is more than just a demon potion. It’s also become a powder keg in the ongoing debate over “too-much-damn-governement-intervention!” Which, regardless of your persuasion, is always a fun spectator sport, especially when the players become unhinged.

To wit, John Stossel, writing about Four Loko on Fox News, begins his recent column with this:

"Sometimes I drink Scotch and then, to wake myself up, I drink coffee. So what?"

Few images cause as much delight as imagining John Stossel drinking himself silly on Johnnie Walker only to wake up blubbering a few hours later and attempting to figure out how to use a French Press.

In any event, the makers of Four Loko, intent on keeping their product alive, have reportedly lowered the beverage’s caffeine content to avoid any further FDA smackdowns.

So is the Four Loko at this certain NYC deli the old stuff or the new stuff? I couldn’t tell you.

But for $25, I’ll give you the exact address.
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