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"Sponsored Tweeters" Sell Out for Cash

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Twitter was once a way for people to keep up with what others were doing.

Whether getting timely updates on what your friends were eating for lunch or letting the world know which cellphone plan you just signed up for, Twitter had your back.

Then, celebrity tweets started catching on.

Mrs. Gene Simmons, or Shannon Tweed's latest reads: Good morning! It's crispy in LA ! Feels like home :) Did my hike twice.

Oscar De La Hoya just wrote: For the next 2 hours I'm going to answer questions

And P. Diddy just posted this: VEGAS! If u looking for #CIROC for your Thanksgiving feast--heres where to go-> And BE SMOOTH...Drink responsibly!

Now, Diddy is an investor in Ciroc. So it's understandable that he'd shill his own product. But what about all those products without celebrity investors that could use a leg up from a bold-faced name?

That's where, "a Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters," comes in.

Yes, for only $2,985.80 per tweet, Lindsay Lohan will sell her drug-and-alcohol-addled soul for whatever crap it is you happen to be selling:

Rapper and reality TV "star" Ray J is asking $2,353.00 per tweet:

Not feeling quite so flush? You can get The Fat Boys for a mere $35.30 per tweet:

Of course, if even that's too rich for your blood, you can always get LovlyMommyof2 to be the face--in 140 characters or less--of your brand for the rock-bottom price of $0.20 per. one's asked LovlyMommyof2 to tweet for their product yet. Do I hear 10 cents? 10 cents? How about 5? Five cents? No? Four? Three? Two? A penny! One single penny for a tweet from LovlyMommyof2! Going once! Going twice! Anyone? Anyone?
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