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South Wales Erects $293K Rodent Skyways

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Yesterday, the Bank of England's Martin Weale voiced his fear that the UK faces a "significant" risk of plunging into a double-dip recession. WalesOnline reported today that thousands of locals are feeling the effects of unemployment, projected cuts to housing benefits, and a rock bottom consumer confidence.

So what better time for South Wales to construct three miniature bridges costing 190,000 pounds of public money to give small woodland creatures safe passage across a busy road?

Cue angry Welshman Christian Bale: "Ohhh, good for youuu."

The wire walkways straddle the new Church Village bypass near Llantrisant and are part of an ecological package that also included new ponds for newts and swampland friends. Despite the warm intentions -- and gosh darn it, those li'l varmints sure are cute -- the townspeople aren't very keen on spending roughly $293,000 for a habitrail.

One local told the Daily Mail, "There are more pressing issues that the council could be spending money on. I find it absurd that they have spent such an obscene amount of cash on this."

On the other hand, animal lovers can take solace in the fact that a governing council actually spent money on an environmental cause.

Still, I kind of wonder what a tunnel would've cost.
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