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Solar Flare Could Totally Ruin Your Night

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Our telecommunication networks are indeed quite remarkable, but the fact is no network is immune to the awesome powers of Ra, the Sun God.

The biggest solar flare in four years is expected to blast the United States’ northeastern front tonight, potentially causing disruptions for telecommunications and satellite grids around the globe.

The solar eruption, considered an X-class flare (!!!!), has already been blamed for causing radio communication disruptions in China, NY Daily News reports. Back in 2006, solar flares were found to have disrupted GPS systems. At the time, Dale Gary of the New Jersey Institute of Technology told New Scientist that “measurements with NJIT's solar radio-telescope confirmed, at its peak, the burst produced 20,000 times more radio emission than the entire rest of the Sun. This was enough to swamp GPS receivers over the entire sunlit side of Earth.”

For stargazers, the solar flare could create lovely green, yellow, and reddish swirls in the night sky, inspiring transcendent moments of beauty and serenity that could temporarily blunt the impending aggravation they will feel when their iPhones fail to sync with their Gmail accounts.

So, if you have any important calls to make tonight, or GPS-reliant trips to make, be wary.

And should the solar flare disrupt your evening, pass the time by putting that phone down, pulling your baby by your side, pouring a little glass of Merlot and nodding off with this little number off of Stevie Wonder’s 1972 classic, Talking Book. You’ll feel much better.

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