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Sneaky Math Tricks Holiday Shoppers to Visit Express

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In the market for clothing from 2010's answer to Chess King? Like logic dictates, you get more by buying less.

A blogger noticed a fishy email from the clothing retailer Express. The promo featured some attractive holiday deals when using an online promo code.

As you can see, the deal promises $40 off on a $150 purchase, $30 off on a $100 purchase, and $20 off on a $50 purchase. And given the pattern and structure of the deals, it would appear the $150 purchase nets you the biggest savings. Well, anyone with a smiley face sticker on a 4th grade math test can tell you, Express is trying to screw the customer.

Here's the basic math rundown:
  • $40 off $150 is 26.7% off
  • $30 off $100 is 30% off
  • $20 off $50 is 40% off
The retailer actually saves an extra $20 if customers take advantage of the $40 off discount. In other words, you're better off making three trips to Express at $50 a pop rather than paying $150 all at once. Of course, that's assuming you can stand being in the presence of a staff that Abercrombie & Fitch employees find too arrogant.

Just as Lifehacker reminds us, it's important to double-check each deal being advertised. Otherwise, we all risk setting foot in an Express location.
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