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Six-Year-Old's Pumpkin Stand Threatened With Closure by Idaho Tax Authorities

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Jacob and Sami-Lou Charais, six and four years old, respectively, have run into a little trouble with the Idaho State Tax Commission.

The two children were attempting to raise money to participate in wrestling, T-ball, and dance programs by selling pumpkins in front of their home in Normal Hill.

That is, until Patrica Gilmore, a state tax compliance officer, got wind of the burgeoning criminal enterprise, and told Jacob and Sami-Lou's mother to get a license, or be shut down by the state.

"She told me [they were] in direct competition with A&B Foods who is paying the sales tax," Kami Charais

A&B Foods is a block away from the family's home.

Gilmore told the local news that she was "not at liberty" to discuss the issue, and referred reporters to her supervisor.

The supervisor maintained that the tax commission is not out to shut down pumpkin stands and the like, but rather, engages in such activities to "educate people" about state tax policies.

Way to go, Idaho! It's never too early to start educating kids who haven't yet mastered basic addition and subtraction about the ins-and-outs of sales tax.
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