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Six Places Where Land Is Free

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It may be stuck within flyover states, but there's ample land left for the plucking. With an agreement to build a house or host a business there, you can grab some square footage for free. Courtesy of Curbly via WalletPop:

1. Marquette, Kansas will give you a lot if you agree to erect a 1,000 s.f. house upon it. If you dream of having a house with a BIG garden, the city will throw in an adjacent lot if you ask nicely.

2. Atwood, Kansas and the surrounding environs of Herndon and McDonald are offering 4 - 110' x 130' lots for free.

3. Elwood, Nebraska have lots available for "a minimal fee."

4. Marne, Iowa is offering up some lovely lots for, yes, free.

5. Muskegon, Michigan is giving way land to businesses who are willing to set up shop in their community. The size of the acreage depends upon how many employees the business foresees hiring.

6. Camden, Maine is offering up 3.5 acres for "the right business that can create good jobs."
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