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SHOCKER: Earth Is Most Expensive Real Estate in Solar System

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There are a lot of good reasons for why someone might buy a planet. For starters, it’s a great long term investment -- most planets in our solar system will be around for a at least a few millions years. Plus, a lot of planets are chock full of precious metals that can seriously pay off. Not to mention, when you buy a planet, you OWN A PLANET!

But which planet should you buy? There’s so many to chose from! You’ve got Mercury (cozy, perfect for empty-nesters), Saturn (very spacious!), or maybe you’re looking for something more exotic, like a Neptune?

Well, before you go too far, how’s about checking out a little planet called Earth (location, location, location!!!)

And now, thanks to one brilliant mind with obviously way too much time on its hands, we now know the value of our entire planet: $4,873 trillion.

Sifi News reports that astrophysicist Greg Laughlin came up with a formula to value planets. Earth was by far the most expensive. Mars was valued at 16,246 (total undervalued, in my opinion) and Venus was valued at less than a penny (sulfuric rain makes vacationing there kind of a hassle.)

Laughlin also valued 1,235 other planets in the universe, but most weren’t given a “high price tag because of their inhospitable climates.”

The goal of this exercise?

“The formula makes you realize just how precious Earth is,” Laughlin said. “I hope it will help us as a society safeguard what we have."

Maybe. But I still can't stop thinking about Venus. What a deal! A penny! For Venus!  Where can I sign up?
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