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Shatterproof Tumblers to Replace Glasses at Pubs in UK

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For whatever reason -- strict gun laws, free health care, maddeningly low scoring in soccer -- the British have long entertained a national obsession with slicing each other to bits. When a stabbing is in order at the bar, a Briton’s weapon of choice is the nearest beer glass, a nasty habit that results in an estimated 300 injuries weekly.

Things have gotten so out of hand that doctors in the UK believe their countrymen can no longer be trusted to drink from glasses at pubs.

The Guardian reports:
Medical organizations want licensed premises to use tumblers made of a shatter-proof plastic called polycarbonate glassware. Trials in Hull and Lancashire have shown the switch reduces the number of serious facial and neck injuries, that can sometimes be fatal.

Since the introduction of the trial in Hull in 2008, nobody has been injured because of "glassing" and the local NHS has saved £7.2m in eye surgery costs.
Researchers say that, although drinkers over age 40 are wary of plastic pint glasses’ ability to keep a beer cold, younger people wouldn’t mind the switch.

“It's much easier to eliminate glass than knives,” offers Alasdair Forsyth of the center for study of violence at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Every small effort to reduce the national stitch count is worth trying, it seems, when you’re dealing with a culture where “glassing” is a verb.
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