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Seven-Year-Old Makes Best eBay Purchase Ever

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Surfing eBay with impaired judgment could be costly -- as The Onion reminded us in a classic piece. But as impulsive and misguided as one could be while finding a used iPad up for auction, nothing can equal the unmitigated id of a small child and his daddy's credit card.

Witness the purchase made by a seven-year-old London lad, done with a simple click of the "Buy It Now" button.

A jet. An actual, honest-to-God, freakin' Harrier fighter jet.

A steal at a mere £69,999 ($113,515), the jet is one of only six of its kind still in existence. Surely, you can understand the child's eagerness. But being the killjoy that he is, the boy's father quickly phoned the seller to apologize for the error.

A spokesman for the seller -- England's Jet Art Aviation -- said, "His dad rang up and profusely apologized to us, so it's still for sale. We've put it on as an auction now so that won't happen again."

The listing, however, has since been taken down.

For parents of kids with itchy-purchasing fingers, please note: The jet needs a little work. To the tune of "millions."

But if you know a good mechanic, I'm sure most of the issues are cosmetic and can be fixed at a discount.
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