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Seniors Are Ruining Our Nation's Broadband Speeds

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At first blush, I wouldn't imagine there was anyone who wouldn't be in support of faster broadband speeds. Between streaming video and larger file sizes, the need for greater bandwidth and quicker transfer times increases every year.

So leave it to Metamucil investors and Henny Youngman groupies to ignore the necessity of improving the infrastructure.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Center, an intimidating 53% of participants said improving broadband access should not be attempted by a government program and that the priority was "not too important." And the group that felt the most strongly about this: people over 50 years old.

Now admittedly, computer familiarity and gadget dexterity is extending further into one's Golden Years as technology becomes more ubiquitous. But there has always been a trend among older citizens to become less welcoming of technology advances and more willing to scorn a double-slotted toaster oven than learn how to use it.

So when a government initiative to improve broadband access and speeds is put on the voting block, who's going to pull the lever in the opposite direction? Folks who aren't familiar with Netflix but vote in record numbers.

Maybe Fox News should start hyping their Web content more.
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