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Self-Serve Wine Tanks Hit French Supermarkets

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Who ever said the French don't do innovation? In one of the most brilliant changes to the grocery-shopping experience ever, eight supermarkets in France now feature gas-pump-like machines that allow customers to pump wine into containers of their choosing:

With all the money saved on packaging and shipping, customers save big, spending only roughly $2 a liter. Better yet, the blogger who spilled the news is reporting that a wine-industry source has indicated efforts are underway to bring the devices to US stores.

This might have been hard to fathom just a few years ago, when Americans still saw wine as a "classy" beverage, to be uncorked
ceremoniously and sniffed before imbibing.

But now that we've been softened up by the proliferation of Trader Joe's "Two-Buck Chuck," twist-off bottles, and allegedly acceptable boxed wine, cheap rosé from a hose is an idea whose time has come.
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