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Sega Makes Urinating Fun Again!

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How this escaped our attention is beyond me, but Sega has developed video games to entertain people at urinals, while they're, y'know, urinating.

Currently limited to the Japanese market, Sega "Toylets" have been installed in men's rooms across Tokyo, and boast LCD screens and sensors that measure the pressure and location of the urine stream.

Mannekin Pies scores players "on the pressure of the stream," Graffiti Eraser requires users to wash away a wall of digital paint, The North Wind And Her is a role-playing game in which the strength of the urine stream causes a girl's skirt to be blown up, and Milk From Nose, which pits one against the previous "gamer" and measures the comparative force of your pee.

USB functionality allows players to download games and keep track of high scores.

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