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Santelli on Predatory Lending - 'You can't cheat an honest man'

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Matt Taibbi notes the CNBC "debate" recently between Janet Tavakoli and Rick Santelli about predatory lending. "You can't cheat an honest man," Santelli, master of the video-scoff, proclaims. "This whole scene sort of encapsulates what’s wrong with the Tea Party movement," Taibbis says. "The movement, and let’s admit this, has some of its roots in legitimate grievances about government waste and some not-entirely-inaccurate observations about what’s left of the American welfare state... [but] heat of the Tea Party movement comes from the racial frustrations that actually exist out there, in the real world outside New York and LA, as urban expansion and immigration increasingly throw white and nonwhite communities together, with white Tea Party types more and more often blowing gaskets over increased crime rates, declining school standards, and mislaid or wasted tax revenue."
SOURCE:   True/Slant