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Russia's Greatest Financial Asset? Human Hair

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They call it the “blond harvest,” but the crop in question isn’t wheat or anything nearly as delicious or, well, even edible: it’s human hair.

The New York Times published a fascinating / disturbing article today on the booming business that is human hair in Russia.

The good news? Blond Russians can make a killing selling their beautiful, beautiful locks of golden silky hair.

The bad news? They’re selling their hair.

“Buyers of human hair, most of them small-scale Russian and Ukrainian itinerant operators who sell to hair processors like Mr. Kuznetsov, flock to poor regions... Cash in hand, they pay small sums for a head’s worth of tresses sheared from women who often have few economic alternatives.,” reports the Times.

Prices of blond hair have soared in recent years “as more of the world’s light-haired women have climbed the economic ladder, [and] the search for poor blondes willing to part with their locks has become ever more difficult.”

Well, we can add this to the list of ridiculous economic indicators. The only question is how the blond hair employment indicator will square off against the hot waitress economic indicator.
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