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Russian Mogul Brings Snob Magazine to US Via New Jersey Nets. Yup.

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This past summer, as I reclined in my St. Petersburg penthouse overlooking the charming Mikhailovsky Garden, sipping vodka and musing on the plight of the 18th century bourgeoisie, it wasn’t uncommon to be stricken with a bout of what we in the upper echelons of society refer to as “ennui.”

During such times, I would instinctively reach for my copy of Snob Magazine, Russia’s preeminent publication by and for the extraordinarily wealthy.

But as autumn returned, and I was living back in my, shall we say, less extravagant quarters in Brooklyn, I found myself ill-equipped to deal with these bouts of boredom now that I was out of reach of Snob Magazine’s circulation.

Well, good news. Snob Magazine is coming to Amerika!

Bloomberg reports:

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov is bringing his $100 million Snob media project to the U.S. as he seeks to attract a “global audience” for the New Jersey Nets basketball team.

Now, for those of us intimately familiar with the inner-workings of the elite Russian lifestyle media industry, a marriage between Snob Magazine and the New Jersey Nets is nothing short of a “no-brainer.”

But for those of you who are less educated on such matters, I assure you there is a method to Mr. Prokhorov’s madness:

Prokhorov, Russia’s second-richest man with a fortune of $13.4 billion, according to Forbes magazine, bought 80 percent of the Nets and 45 percent of Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, for $200 million and funding commitments this year.

The arena is planned as the centerpiece of a $4.9 billion, 22 acre (9-hectare) office and apartment complex in Brooklyn, which is home to about 330,000 immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

And so, for all my fellow wealthy Russian ex-pats who, for whatever reason (pogroms, communism, Stalin, etc., etc.) have taken up residence in Brighton Beach, let us come together to rejoice in welcoming Snob Magazine back into our fold.

And for anyone who is yet unfamiliar with Snob Magazine, feel free to pick up a copy. But keep in mind, our publication is true to its name, and, according to Mr. Prokhorov, not a word will be translated into English.
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