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Russian Jailed for Hacking a Billboard to Play Porn

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Now this would've gotten people to see Limitless.

A week after the Times Square iPhone hack was revealed to be a viral ad for the film Limitless, a Russian man was being jailed for a much, much more scandalous hack. One year ago, Igor Blinnikov strong-armed his way into the server of an advertising agency which controlled a 20 x 30 ft. billboard some-700 miles away in Moscow. From the comfort of his home, he streamed a porn video which aired on the billboard by the side of a busy highway.

Talk about rubbernecking!

According to the BBC, Blinnikov claimed he didn't have a specific reason why he pulled the stunt. "Just for something to do," he said. And when asked how he pulled it off -- so to speak -- he replied, "It would take too long to explain."

This week, Blinnikov was sentence to a year and a half in prison -- on top of the four and a half years of hard labor for trying to sell 13 grams of marijuana.

And they say weed isn't a gateway drug!

For anyone not at work -- or employed at an extremely lenient place of business -- NSFW footage of the stunt can be found here.

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