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Romanian IRS to Forces of Darkness: Bring It

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Casting about for ways to bring in revenue that didn’t involve Google AdSense, Romania considered legalizing and taxing prostitution in 2007. It remembered just in time that it’s not Britain and backed away from the idea.

Then the labor ministry reminded the tax ministry that Romania already has a tax base of working girls: They make magick circles, cast spells and fly around on broomsticks.

Romania recognized witchcraft as a legal profession in 2006 after some, let’s just call it “lobbying,” from the country’s first registered witch, Gabriela Ciucur. Ciucur just wanted a way to charge clients more for tarot readings. Bet she wishes she’d kept her mouth shut now.

The Romanian labor department reminded everyone Saturday that astrologists, embalmers and witches all officially work at real jobs. People who work at real jobs get to pay real taxes.

Legalized witchcraft isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds in the home of Count Dracula. No crazier than, say, a member of parliament who continues to work as a porn star. Or a B-movie actor who works as a president.

The Romanian president himself has a cozy relationship with the beyond. Last January, would-be president Mircea Geoana told the media he lost the election to incumbent Traian Basescu because Basescu’s witch put a hex on him.

Photos showed clairvoyant Aliodor Manolea walking just behind the president before an important debate, during which Manolea hit Geoana with a “negative energy attack,” the runner-up claimed, according to The Independent.

A Basescu spokesman admitted Manolea was around a lot but not officially part of the campaign staff.

Romania’s latest tax grab hasn’t gone unremarked by the dark side. A witch has threatened to cast a spell using black pepper and yeast to sow the seeds of discord within the government, AP reports. Sure hope she’s got negative energy attack health insurance.
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