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Robust Chinese Beer Production Makes US Look Totally JV

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Okay, so America's getting steamrolled by the Chinese once again.

But what makes this one different is that now, NOW--they're really stepping on our toes. Yes, China's out-beering us. And this, friends, is not something we can, in good conscience, take lying down.

According to statistics, the US has fallen to #2 in beer production behind China.

In 2009, China produced 423 million hectoliters of beer.

The US? 229 hectoliters.

24/7 Wall Street reports:

"In just nine years, the People’s Republic has roughly doubled its production output to 423 million hectoliters. American output has actually decreased to 229 million. Per capita consumption in China is relatively low at less than half of the level in the U.S. However, China has a drinking population four times larger and has created an industrial capacity in the beer sector that has allowed the country to pull far ahead of the US."

Disgraceful. However, you really want your day ruined? China is also outgrowing US lettuce farmers three-to-one! Lettuce! My god, can we pull ourselves together, people? This is not the type of world we should be leaving for our children.

And with that, I'm headed out to have a few bottles of my favorite Belgian lager--Budweiser.
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