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RJ Reynolds To Begin Killing off Brooklyn Hipsters With New "Williamsburg Camels"

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The New York Post reports:

"RJ Reynolds next month will begin selling limited-edition packs featuring the brand's camel mascot with the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood's landmarks [like the Williamsburg Bridge] in the background."

Yes, the tobacco giant is doing the rest of us the biggest favor imaginable--killing off the hipsters that have turned one of New York City's oldest neighborhoods into an "avoid at all costs" location for most right-minded human-type people.

"This is so cool. Williamsburg's own cigarette! Smoke them if you got them," 29 year-old Miles Downing exclaimed to the paper.

"I think that is so cool, especially the bridge on the pack . . . I'll buy them," 28 year-old Max Kesselling shrieked.

52 year-old Joe Valle feels a bit differently.

"I hope all these kids buy them, smoke them and get cancer," he said. "They ruined this neighborhood, so I hope the cigarettes ruin them."

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