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Reverse Engineering In-N-Out Burgers

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J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, In-N-Out Burger fan and writer for the food blog Serious Eats, had grown tired of coveting Californians for their daily access to his favorite burger joint. After a UPS overnight delivery of frozen menu items left much to be desired, Lopez-Alt used the leftovers as a research tool and cooked up the chain's infamous Double-Double Animal Style burger at home.

The result:

So there I had it: my first taste of an honest-to-goodness, scientifically re-constructed Animal Style Double-Double clone. Would it compare with the real thing? Honestly, I didn't care—it was that good.

Indeed, the only thing I can think of that would improve this burger is if it were available across the entire nation or—dare I say it?—the world. Don't you just love the internet?

You can find his recipe here.
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