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Reporting on Literature Is Still Good For Business

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Okay, so that excerpt on the previous page ("The Post knows that if anything is going to save the future of journalism, it will probably be summaries of literary novels") came from a facetious remark made by The Washington Post's Ron Charles in a satirical video he published this week -- see how subtle product placements can help monetize the book review section here. But admirers of books and critical essays will be sincerely cheered to know that Publisher's Weekly has just confirmed reports that the Wall Street Journal will be launching a pull-out book review section later this month.

A pull-out!

What's more, says PW, "the reference to it being significant was not shot down by the Journal’s spokesperson."

What's behind this, you ask?

We refer you to a short film made by Taiwan's Next Action Media (yes, this is our second reference to this excellent anime, for those paying attention):

Meanwhile, if we lived in the UK, we could be placing bets on who will win the Man Booker Prize.

It's true: The real test of great literature is its potential for creating new streams of revenue.
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