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Rep. Alan Hale (R-Tavern Owner) Tells Montana Legislature Drunk Driving Laws Hurt Small Businesses

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If you're wondering why a man like Representative Alan Hale (R-Montana) would think it appropriate to stand in front of the state legislature and rail against DUI laws, wonder no more:

He owns a bar.

Here's Hale slurring speaking his mind on Monday:

A real head-scratcher, until a quick peek at Hale's official bio on his still-operational re-election website reveals the following (all grammar, spelling, and punctuation left intact):

Dear Voter,

My name is Alan Hale, The next representative of house district 77, with your help of course. My wife Gail of 39 years and I, have lived, worked and raised five children and are lucky enough to see ten of our grandchildren being raised here in montana. Thank god.

It continues with the usual blah blah blahbeddy blah:

Gail and I currently operate the silver saddle bar and Café in Basin I would like to convey to you, that I feel, it is of utmost importance --

Wait, what's that? You own a bar? Hang on, hang on -- politicians operate in their own self-interest? But, that wouldn't be fair to the voters who elected them. Am I missing something here? Huh. Guess so.
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