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Recession Weary Nation Now Turning to Cheap, Walgreens Brand Beer

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Forget the King of Beers. We're popping a top on a frosty can of Walgreens. Walgreens beer. Yes, there is a beer, and it is made for, and sold by, the drugstore chain Walgreens (WAG).

“In just the first few weeks of sales consumer feedback has been very positive, as beer drinkers across the U.S. are thrilled to have such a quality brew at a value price,” Kathleen Burns, senior marketing manager of Winery Exchange, the private-label alcohol company, said in a statement. Winery Exchange has clients ranging from Costco (COST) to Trader Joe's... and now Walgreens.

According to Chicago Breaking Business, Walgreens actually gave up on alcohol sales in the 1990s before re-starting in mid-2009.

The Walgreens private label beer is called Big Flats 1901 (presumably, a reference to a big flat area known as Big Flats and the year 1901 when people flocked to said big flat area and quaffed giant kegs of inexpensive beer while a giant water wheel turned at ye olde mill basin-turned-brewery providing a never-ending flow of Big Flats brew, at least until it ran out sometime after 1901... or something), and will retail for a suggested $299 a six=pack and $11.49 a case.
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