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Really, Really Thirsty Big Gulp Drinker Says 7-11 Shortchanging Customers by 4 oz.

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Paul Sunby, of Austin, Texas, has been wronged. And he's not about to take this one lying down.

It seems that the 7-11 Corporation is duping Super Big Gulp buyers, having swapped out the standard 44 oz. cups (okay, when did it become okay to call a 44-ounce serving of anything "standard" anyway?) for a smaller 40 oz. container.

Sunby, a biologist, tells the Austin American-Statesman that 7-11 made the change "cleverly, quietly, and diabolically."

"They still say Super Big Gulp, but they no longer had the 44-ounce size printed on them, making people think they're the same thing," he said. "The first time, unofficially, I just took the new cup and filled it with water up to the top, and poured it into a legitimate 44-ounce cup from Exxon Tigermarket, and noticed that it didn't fill it up all the way. It was a quarter-cup short. So then I actually filled it back up and poured it into a measuring cup to get the full measurement, and determined it is a 40-ounce cup."

Sunby is upset, and it's not necessarily because he's getting gypped out of a few pennies each time he buys a single serving of Coke large enough to slake the thirst of an Army battalion twice over. No, it's a bit more of an existential issue for him.

"They still called it a Super Big Gulp, when in fact it's no longer," Sunby said. "It's somewhere between a Big Gulp and a Super Big Gulp. It's a Not So Big Gulp. To me, the Super Big Gulp is deceased."

A 7-11 spokesperson confirmed to the Statesman that the company has, in fact, reduced the size of a Super Big Gulp to 40 ounces and Paul Sunby is not imagining things. But what's hard to imagine is how the human body physically tolerates so much liquid all at once.

The average stomach is capable of comfortably holding about 32 ounces of liquid, meaning a 44-ounce drink exceeds a person's physical capacity by about 38%. The Double Big Gulp, well, about twice that.

As for the human bladder, Encyclopaedia Britannica (love that British-y spelling of "encyclopedia) says that the bladder of an average adult human is "uncomfortably distended at a volume of around 350 millilitres (1/3 quart)."

With 32 fluid ounces in a quart, half a 40-ounce Super Big Gulp is more than enough to make you squirm. Downing 44 ounces is enough to make you pull the car over. Twice. A Double is probably enough to kill a small child.

Paul Sunby, take heart. 7-11 is not trying to rip you off. They're trying to keep you alive.
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