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Queen of England Slashes Crazy Jobs You Never Dreamt Even Existed

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The Queen of England is apparently just like us; cutting back and slashing things down to the bare necessities as we ride out this Depression.

Overall, the queen spent about $56 million in government funds in 2009-2010 -- or 94 cents per British citizen -- down from about $61 million a year earlier.

The queen, some royal watchers insist, is holding fast to the legacy of her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, who abided by the same food and electricity rations that their subjects faced during World War II. Though she remains one of the wealthiest women in the world by the grace of inherited estates, masterpieces of art and magnificent jewels, the queen is also famously frugal.

Hoo-boy, she sure is! The Queen is taking a second look at culling down the size of her staff of 1,400. But where to cut?

Derek Potter, the royal piper (a real job!) who plays under the queen's window each morning at 9 am needn't be concerned--no self-respecting monarchess (is that a word?) can possibly be expected to live without one.

The queen's official swan-counter (another real job!) also has nothing to fear--without someone counting the swans at the palace, how can she possibly be expected to know how many of them she has at any given moment?

Alan Reid, keeper of the privy purse (incredibly, this too is a real job!), says the queen is “acutely aware of the difficult economic climate.”

“You don’t really realize that the queen is going around Buckingham Palace turning off the lights, having fewer staff and in the winter turning the heating down,” Majesty magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward says. “She sometimes even writes letters in her very old fur coat."

Which means the queen's official keeper of old fur coats' job (another ridiculously real job!)  is safe, too.

Even with all this talk of cutbacks, there are still several job openings at Buckingham Palace.

Know your way around a kitchen? The queen's looking for a good Demi Chef de Partie (a normal job).

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