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Quadriplegic Sues Disney After Being Stranded on "It's a Small World" Ride

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Jose Martinez of San Pedro, California, has filed a lawsuit in US District Court in Los Angeles, contending that the Walt Disney Co. "violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by failing to have adequate evacuation procedures for visitors with mobility disabilities."

According to the lawsuit, Martinez, who is a quadriplegic, was left "inside his wheelchair on a [stalled] ride boat for about 40 minutes while other visitors were evacuated."

Martinez's attorney said, "In my opinion, if you are going to put him on the ride, there needs to be a safe and effective way to get him off the ride."

A Disneyland Resort spokeswoman said, "Disneyland Resort is accessible to guests with varying needs, including those with mobility disabilities. If it is necessary to evacuate an attraction, we have procedures in place for all guests."

During the time he was stuck, Martinez reportedly suffered an attack of dysreflexia, a sudden, potentially life-threatening attack of high blood pressure that affects people with spinal cord injuries.

"It feels like an ice pick going through your temples," Martinez said. It was made worse "couple[d]...with the continuous, 'small world' music in the background."

Further adding to sheer insanity of what could not have been a particularly amusing situation for anyone involved, Disney sent Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to perform for Martinez while he was being treated at the park's first aid station.

In Martinez's words, "It was like insult to injury."

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