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Punchable Brit to Travel Length of UK by Google Maps

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Two years ago, four Englishmen completed a 24-year-long pub crawl that took them throughout the UK and Ireland. Over the course of the journey, the gang of four visited 14,000 pubs and drank 84,000 pints of ale between them. For those who still don't look upon this feat with admiration and respect, they also raised money for charity at each location they stopped.

And take a look at these fellas. Tell me you don't want to buy them all a round.

Now, take a look at this guy.

He's 27-year-old Matthew Partridge of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. An otherwise unassuming bloke, he's making headlines because he'll soon be traversing the length of the UK -- not on foot, not by car, but by Google Maps Street View. Yes, he's going to travel from the southern tip of England to the northern tip of Scotland by clicking on his mouse ten hours a day over the course of ten days. He also made sure to take off work to complete the virtual journey.

Tell me you don't want to punch this guy in the face.

He spoke with the Sun about this jackass publicity stunt. "I can't be bothered with all the training, planning and hardships of actually doing the walk. That's why I've come up with this alternative." He added, "The good thing is I won't actually have to get up."

Unfortunately, he wasn't speaking of the beating that thousands of people now wish to give him.
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