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Psych Majors More Depressed Than Everybody Else

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It’s a mistake all too many undergraduates make. Should I major in chemical engineering, computer science, or East Asian business management?

Nah -- I’ll just go with psychology.

The Wall Street Journal reports that “only 26% of psychology majors are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their career paths, the lowest in a sampling of popular majors.”

The study suggests some explanations for the dissatisfaction, including that few companies recruit psychology majors, and that most wind up in unrelated fields within a year.

But still, I’m not convinced.

How could psych majors -- students of the mind, architects of human happiness -- be so…unhappy?

I mean, for four years psych majors are ankles-deep in the infinite mystery that is the human brain. They’re conducting all sorts of studies that prove time and again that human beings are little more than unwilling participants in biochemical reactions divorced entirely from any notion of free will!

There’s the Festinger and Carlsmith study of 1959 that exposes how humans lie to themselves constantly to preserve any sense of sanity whatsoever.

There’s the Zimbardos’ infamous Stanford Prison Experiment in which humans are exposed as power-hungry sadists motivated only by a deep-seated need for domination.

And who could forget the Darley & Latane study that revealed the so-called “Bystander effect,” in which humans are exposed as anti-empathic creatures so self-consumed with their own preservation that the mere presence of other people deter them from helping out their fellow man in need?

And you would have me believe psych majors are “dissatisfied” because they wind up working in PR?!?!

Hmm…on second thought, maybe majoring in chemical engineering was the way to go…
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