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PSA Compares Junk Food to Heroin

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Choose childhood. Choose a toy. Choose a crayon. Choose a plush doll. Choose a friggin' big wheel. Choose high chairs, Teletubbies, Chutes & Ladders and overalls. Choose Goodnight Moon, baby yoga, and baggies of Doritos. Choose activities that build motor skills. Choose a Teddy Ruxpin. Choose your playdate. Choose He-Man footy pajamas and matching mobiles. Choose a plastic scoop bib that collects Gerber run-off. Choose Yo Gabba Gabba and wondering who's sitting for you on Saturday night. Choose hiding in a couch cushion fort watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing Dora the Explorer, stuffing Fun Dip into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of daycare, pissing your last in a miserable Pull Up, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, screwed up brats who spawned to replace themselves. Choose your kindergarten. Choose private school.

But why would kids want to do a thing like that? They chose not to choose life. They chose somethin' else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you've got a Big Mac?

In light of rampant junk food consumption, Australia aims to fight the childhood obesity epidemic before it reaches epic (read: American) proportions. A new spot by the Aussie firm Precinct Studios shows the darker side of unhealthy cuisine. The much, much darker side. One devoid of light, love, and hope. One so morbid that the firm admits that it won't be seen on TV any time soon.

But Minyanville has it here!

The music. The innocent scribbling. The fact that mom actually ties him off. Those ads look like a Wiggles video in comparison.

Advertising Age noted that this spot also comes a short time after Australia's anti-smoking PSA which captures a toddler's growing fear and horror among a group of strangers. It's heart-wrenching and unsettling that a parent would allow their child to be subjected to such a traumatic experience to get free-thinking adults to stop smoking.

And Minyanville has it here!

I'm not sure if this indicates a growing trend among Aussies to show their young'uns some tough and uncompromising love. But if the alternative is the over-nurturing Nanny State where grown men and women have to cater to the whims of ungrateful little brats, the folks Down Under may be on to something.
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