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Predatory Lending Association: The Only Name in Payday Loan Fees and Debt Traps

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Satirizing the rise in predatory lending and the decrease in morals, Christopher Maag of designed a spoof site for a group called the Predatory Lending Association. There, payday lenders can discuss and gather tips on gouging the working poor.

The Predatory Lending Association offers tools including a "working poor finder," which places gun shops, liquor stores and pawn shops on the map and shows would-be investors in payday loan stores the best locations to open new locations. It also gives tips on finding for the most profitable races to discriminate against.

"It's easy to find the working poor," the predatory lenders site says, "but our studies reveal that a difference in location of even a few city blocks can impact profits by as much as 45%."

The PLA spoof was one of the first websites created by Front Seat, a Seattle-based company that usually makes web tools more earnest than snarky.

And for any lender showing the slightest bit of remorse, the PLA offers the clear-cut differences between Predatory Lending and Indentured Servitude.

Now then. Feel better?
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