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PR Firm Valiantly Attempts to Position Stock Trading as "Eco-Friendly"

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Okay, look -- the very most anyone really expects from advertising and PR is something sort of, kind of, almost vaguely resembling the truth.

To wit:


                                    AN ADVERTISED BURGER KING WHOPPER


                                                       AN ACTUAL WHOPPER

But trying to convince an audience of (theoretically) functioning adults that choosing a career as a Wall Street trader is somehow eco-friendly and "green" may be stepping juuuuuust over the boundary some nitpickers refer to as "reality."

The following is an actual email, received just before 2pm today (all names -- save mine -- have been changed to protect the guilty):
Hi Justin,

With U.S. employment still at a high, there is a growing trend of people either creating their own jobs or changing their careers. You and your "Minyanville" audience may also be aware that more and more eco-careers are continuously sprouting but what may not be obvious is that there's a new eco-job on the market.

FIRST NAME LAST NAME, Chief Knowledge Officer, at COMPANY NAME is saying that becoming a professional trader is actually a very carbon neutral career. Here is why:

1. Low-energy use: All that is needed in the field of trading and investing is a computer or laptop, which uses minimal electricity.

2. No travel necessary: Many careers require business travel. With trading, driving and flying are not necessary to get the job done.

3. Everything is digital: Just like low energy usage, being a professional trader only requires digital technology. Want to read reports? It can be done on the computer? Want to keep up with the market trends? Read the news online. No paper printing required.

The list goes on but those are a few reasons why becoming a professional trader is, albeit unexpected, an eco-friendly career.

Your "Minyanville" audience will take interest in knowing that another option exists for them when it comes to the career market. Would you be interested in speaking with FIRST NAME LAST NAME more about why an education for professional trading can land one with an eco-career?

If so, please feel to contact me via e-mail or phone.

Kindest regards,
Let's review: all you need to trade the markets is a computer, which uses less energy than, say, a Boeing 767, you don't have to drive around to get the job done, the way a traveling salesman might, and, best of all, NO PAPER!

It's almost April Fool's Day...could this be an early entrant?
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