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Political Donations By Corporations Improve Performance By 20%, Study Shows

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A study titled “Mixing Business with Politics: A Meta-Analytic Study of Corporate Political Activity,” which will be published in the January 2011 edition of the Journal of Management, has found that "when firms engage in corporate political activities, such as lobbying and making campaign contributions, they enjoy about 20 percent higher performance."

Professors Russell Crook and David Woehr of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Sean Lux of the University of South Florida, began analyzing 7,000 different companies over different time periods, after the Supreme Court's January decision to remove limits on political spending by corporations in the landmark Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission ruling.

A release from UT says:

"The authors do not speculate as to why corporate political activity leads to fatter profit margins but point to examples such as the Copyright Term Extension Act, dubbed the “Mickey Mouse Protection Act,” in which Disney successfully lobbied to extend U.S. copyrights by 20 years."

Who needs to speculate? The answer couldn't be clearer. Buying politicians works. Simple as that. Any universities out there who wish to utilize my laser-like insight, my inbox is waiting.
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