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Pepsi, Walmart to Give Out Sierra Mist Natural

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With regards to health and taste, the public has long clamored for an alternative to sodas made from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Manufacturers throw us a limited-time bone every now and then -- like Pepsi Throwback -- or direct us to an international product -- like Mexican Coke. But unless we want to pay double for an independent soft drink brew, we've had to settle for the syrup or Aspertame amongst the major brands.

But noticing this growing band of health-conscious sugar freaks, Pepsi is removing the HFCS from Sprite runner-up Sierra Mist and releasing Sierra Mist Natural. And as a marketing ploy, the company is teaming up with Walmart to give away 10 million free cans of the revamped soda at 2,800 Walmart supercenters.

According to the Associated Press, the move comes as soft drinks sales are starting to shrink in light of concerns over the risk of HFCS. Makers have even lobbied to change its name to "corn sugar." But aside from the health concerns, poll numbers overwhelmingly favor the taste of sugar sodas to ones made with HFCS. If Pepsi won't listen to public sentiment, at least they know well enough to chase our cash.

Sierra Mist Natural will debut with the tagline "The soda nature would drink, if nature drank soda."

Let's hope the drinks tastes better than the marketing sounds.
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