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Pepsi Cracks the Code for Vegetable Bottles

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Perhaps I could interest you in a refreshing ice-cold bottle of delicious Pepsi. Sounds good, right? Now what if I told you that the bottle you’re about to put to your mouth is actually made out of switch grass, pine bark, corn husks, and oat hulls?

For the anti-vegetarians among us, news that Pepsi’s new bottles will be made entirely of plant material might be somewhat unappetizing. But for the environmentally conscious among us, this could be the biggest news in bottle innovation since the advent of…uh…uh…

Pepsi says the new bottles will look and feel entirely the same as its current bottles. The WSJ reports:

Coke currently produces a bottle using 30% plant-based materials and recently estimated it would be several years before it has a 100% plant bottle that's commercially viable.

"We've cracked the code," said Mr. Papalia.

The discovery potentially changes the industry standard for plastic packaging. Traditional plastic, called PET, is used in beverage bottles, food pouches, coatings and other common products.

More good news – Pepsi says the new bottles will currently cost about the same to produce as do their current bottles. And not only will this reduce the company’s environmental impact, it could also save money in the long run as the cost of fossil fuels, the basic ingredients for making traditional plastics, continues to rise.

And even more good news! If Pepsi’s bottles truly are 100% plant-based, there’s absolutely no reason I can think of why you can’t start incorporating them into your daily cooking. Want to add some fiber to your casserole? Pepsi bottle! Need a little riboflavin with that soup? Pepsi bottle! The sky’s the limit here, people.

And for anyone who may be a little grossed out by the notion of drinking from a vegetable bottle, just think about what goes into the plastic alternative: a polymer made from terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.

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