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People With Higher IQs Stay Up Late

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People with higher IQs stay up late, whereas those with lower IQs get up early.

So claims a new study out of the London School of Economics.

The Winnipeg Free Press reports:

“Extensive research by Satoshi Kanazawa and colleagues at the London School of Economics and Political Science have uncovered significant differences in sleep-timing preferences among people, depending on their IQ scores.

People with higher IQs are more apt to be nocturnal night-owls. Those with lower IQs tend to restrict their activities primarily to daytime.

People who prefer to go to bed early, and who are early-risers, demonstrate ‘morningness,’ whereas those whose sleep patterns are shifted later demonstrate ‘eveningness.’ Researchers say eveningness tends to be a characteristic of those with higher IQs.”

So what does this say about stock traders, some of whom (especially the unfortunate West Coasters) wake at the ungodly hours of 4, 5, or 6AM?

Well, nothing. As Oliver Stone recently reminded us, money never sleeps.

But makes you wonder: what would happen if the opening bell rang at say, oh, noon?
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