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Penthouse Goes 3D

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3D TV may be a bust, but naturally, Penthouse likes the sound of that.

As Playboy embraces the digital age with its entire backlog on hard disk -- as well as coercing Apple to bend on its "No Porn" rule -- Penthouse is forced to think about the future. Not just to keep up with its chief publishing competitor, Penthouse has to become more cutting edge in order to remain relevant against the scores of free adult sites on the web.

And in lieu of free content, Penthouse is adding depth. Not to its writing -- to its video.

The adult organization is launching a 3D TV channel in Europe, following its HD channel lineup released in 2009. Penthouse 3D is reportedly the first pan-European 3D formatted adult channel. According to TG Daily, it will offer "100 percent full 3D native HD, 30 hours of content that will be refreshed monthly and programming that includes soft-core and hard-core feeds." And a backlog has rumored to already been built -- the company supposedly has been filming since last summer.

In a press release, Marc Bell of Penthouse owner FriendFinder Networks said, "We are very excited about the launch of the Penthouse 3D channel. Our goal is always to deliver the latest technology on the world’s best platform."

Partnering with Penthouse, Jacky Wauters of NOA Productions added, "Thanks to the increasing consumer acceptance of 3D, I am delighted to work with Penthouse to be able to satisfy the needs of the consumers and broadcasters alike who demand high quality, cutting edge entertainment backed by a solid and well established brand like Penthouse."

They say pornography dictates which technology will be adopted. But considering how little folks are interested in 3D TV, it still might be a tough sell.

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