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Overpriced Google Junk Available at Its Mountain View HQ

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With that much markup, you sure it isn't an Apple store?

Google has opened its own retail store located at its headquarters in Mountain View. There, customers can stock up on a variety of logo-adorned swag ranging from beach towels to umbrellas to kick balls.

And from the looks of the items, there's no shortage of thoughtless Christmas gifts from your boss when you're working at Google.

Like the NBC store in Rockefeller Center, promotional items -- free by the gross around the office -- carry a wondrously inflated price. You may not need a $5.75 pair of YouTube socks or an Outsourced lanyard right now, but take comfort in the knowledge that they're there -- and available online!

Courtesy of Business Insider, here are some of the products you'll find in the Google Store.

Hand knit Google Scarf - $300

Google Golf Balls - $35.30

Google Bike Shorts - $116.10 (and your dignity)
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