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Original Betamax Discovered at Stonehenge

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This is interesting. Archeologists have discovered what is essentially the first Betamax, a wooden version of the famous Stonehenge monument only about a half-mile away from the original site. "The new "henge-like" monument, found just 900 meters (2,950 feet) away from Stonehenge, is thought to have been a circular, timber structure with two entrances. It was probably constructed around the same time as the stone circle some 4,500 years ago."

The only problem? It's made out of wood. It's basically Woodhenge. So, what happened was this: there was the original Stonehenge, sturdy, built to last, made out of, you know, stone! And then there was the upstart, the scrappier, harder-working little guy, Woodhenge. Stonehenge and Woodhenge probably battled it out for a while. People would get to Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire and there would be these two, uh, henges. And then they'd have to decide, which henge?

- I don't know, what are you in the mood for, honey?

- Let's do Woodhenge.

- Really? Woodhenge? But we were there during the last solstice?

- It's just the service at Stonehenge is horrible. They're so gruff.

- Woodhenge has the splinter problem.

- Stonehenge is just so cold and... rickety. You can't tell me one of those pillars isn't one day gonna fall over and kill somebody!

- Alright, whatever.

- Don't say 'whatever,' if you're going to mope the whole time I'd rather go and get splinters.

- I can't burn my beaver pelts at Woodhenge!

- Ugh. That's so disgusting. I wish you'd quit.

- We've been burning beaver pelts in my family for a hundred years!

- It's gross.

- At least we don't wear shoes.

- How dare you... I have sensitive feet!

- Let's just go back to the cave. We'll order in bats.

- Fine.

- Fine.

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