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Online, We'll All Soon Play Second Fiddle to China

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They may not have access to the entire web, but Chinese citizens are continuing to flood the Internet. In just 10 years, Chinese-speaking users have grown from roughly 23 million to nearly 445 million, representing 32.6% of online users. English remains the dominant language online with 536 million users making up 42% of total users.

But with China's exponential growth online, English won't be number one for long.

According to The Next Web, Chinese is expected to surpass English as the web's dominant language in five years. Before that occurs, Chinese citizens will outnumber those in English-speaking countries, however many Chinese citizens continue to use English as their main language online.

And although exhibiting a massive increase in its user base, Chinese falls behind Arabic and Russian as the languages showing the biggest growth in the last ten years. Arabic showed a 2,501.2% increase, and Russian showed a 1,8258% increase. Chinese trails with 1,277.4%.

The Next Web compiled the information into an infographic. Click it for a larger view.

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