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One in Eight iPhone Users Are on Verizon

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Last month, in Verizon's first week of carrying the iPhone 4, the carrier snatched 3% of the market from AT&T. And here we are, a little over a month into sales, and that share has risen to 12.7%. Remember: That's just accounting for Verizon iPhone 4s against four years of various AT&T models.

Verizon had much to celebrate prior to carrying Apple's flagship device. The provider announced it set a company record for first-day pre-order sales. But the celebration quickly turned dour when Boy Genius Report spoke with an unnamed source who said sales had failed to meet expectations a week after launch. Whether the source was misinformed or fudging the truth, it now appears that the Verizon iPhone is selling just fine.

Chitika Insights, the ad network which tracks the traffic data of iPhones on both AT&T and Verizon networks, reported that the Verizon iPhone now accounts for over 12% of all iPhone web usage. That's roughly one in eight iPhone users in just over a month. Chitika's Daniel Ruby writes:

"The data is based on a 24-hour rolling period, so it's a good snapshot of what iPhones are in use right now. For Verizon to pick up that big of a share of iPhone users in about a month is impressive, and doesn't bode particularly well for AT&T (which, as we've reported before, is woefully lacking in Android users)."

There is, however, a problem with the current results we see on the site, as explained by Ruby.

"So apparently there was a minor SNAFU with our databases that's causing the tracker to jump around a bit. The databases that feed the tracker went down for a few hours, and are messing about a bit with the numbers as they come back online and repopulate the missing hours."

So, barring any official retraction, we should trust the graph will return to its normal and accurate 12%.

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