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CHEESE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
Would you like a night at central booking with your pizza?

Yes, it's happened again -- another episode of senseless, brutal violence at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

The Joliet, Illinois Herald-News reports:

Five men and a teen boy are facing charges after a melee at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Matteson that left one man with a puncture wound in his chest, a $3,000 arcade game flipped over and the smell of pepper spray lingering in the air.

The suspects offered different versions of what happened, but all agreed that it started over the use of an arcade game, police said.

Charged with "mob action" and "disorderly conduct" were Devon Redd, 20, of Olympia Fields; Nealon M. Moore, 19, of Lynwood; Tyris O. Cheers, 19, of Chicago Heights; Willie Reeves, 19, of, Dixmoor; and Jerrold T. Boulware, 25, of Olympia Fields. The teen was charged as a minor.

Okay, what the F--K is going on at Chuck E. Cheese? It's a question we've pondered for some time now, starting with the sudden appearance of this sign in a Manhattan Chuck E. Cheese location last year:

Chuck E. Cheese corporate has posted signs at a sizable portion of restaurants nationwide, as the chain does seem to be a veritable powder keg when compared with other, similar establishments, like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, or Red Lobster.

Here's a rundown of some of the excitement Chuck E. Cheese patrons have had the good fortune to experience over the past couple of years:

Lynne Collier, Managing Director of Restaurant Research at Sterne Agee, can’t make heads or tails of the disproportionate levels of assault and battery at Chuck E. Cheese.

Collier tells Minyanville:

"I don’t know. I really don’t. You do see it more often at Chuck E. Cheese. It could be alcohol, it’s crowded and noisy, especially on weekends, and that can be stressful for parents. From what I hear, children generally enjoy the Chuck E. Cheese experience more than the parents do, so perhaps the parents are on edge already, not being particularly happy that they’re there in the first place, and the stress of the situation just gets to them. It’s certainly very odd, as it’s been going on for years. I’ve even heard that parents have actually beaten up Chuck E. Cheese himself."

Whatever the reasons, it might be a safer bet to throw your kid's next birthday party in a more sedate location.

Like, say, Benghazi.
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