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Obviously Deluded, Mentally Unstable Travelers Say Golden Age of Air Travel is Back

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"We are definitely currently in a golden age of travel," tax adviser Nick Yassukovich tells USA Today. "There are so many improvements in air travel these days compared to travel in the past that they far, far outweigh the degradations in the travel experience. This is particularly the case for premium travelers, but I would still say that it is very valid for coach passengers."

The reasoning behind statements like these--and there are other, similar ones from frequent travelers in the article--is that the accessibility and convenience of air travel today is what makes it "golden."

Some key points:

In 2009, according to data from the Air Transport Association, travelers paid an average 12.1 cents for each mile flown, less than half what they paid in 1978, after adjusting the figures for inflation.

E-ticketing has done away with the inconvenience of paper tickets.

Flights don't make as many stops as they once did.

On-demand entertainment has replaced "one-size-fits-all" in-flight movies.

But, do a few technological advancements that may or may not briefly shift one's attention away from the spectacularly unpleasant experience that is commercial flight mean we've re-established a so-called golden age?

The shoddiest, crappiest, most uncomfortable rental car likely comes with a CD player. Have we returned to a golden age of driving?

Movie theaters have, by and large, upgraded their seating, and a wider array of snacks is available at the concession stand. However, mainstream films, by most accounts, are severely lacking in story, character development, and originality. Have we returned to a golden age of cinema?

The answer, I think most would agree, is a resounding "no."

Low prices and availability may equate to a new era in flying, but that era should not be mistaken with anything golden. It's simply within the reach of more people--most of whom seem to be accompanied by a gaggle of screaming toddlers or have bits of tuna fish sandwich dangling from their beards.

It is cheaper, though. So...shall we compromise and call it "bronze"?
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