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Obama Under Fire Over Falling Dollar

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"The falling US dollar is giving ammunition to the critics of the Obama administration and fuelling broader concerns about the potential erosion of America’s reserve currency status," the Financial Times notes omniously. "With other nations also expressing concern about dollar weakness, the administration is at pains to emphasise that it understands the responsibilities that come with issuing the world’s reserve currency and will live up to them."

It's interesting, but natural from a Socionomic perspective, that President Obama would come under fire for a falling dollar. It's down about 12% since he's taken office and social mood is negative. Here is the performance of the dollar during past administrations.

George W. Bush, 2001 - 2009, US dollar -26%
Bill Clinton, 1993-2001, US dollar +18%
George H.W. Bush, 1989-1993, US dollar -6%
Ronald Reagan, 1981-1989, US dollar +2%
Jimmy Carter, 1977-1981, US dollar -14%
SOURCE:   Financial Times