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NYC Lawmaker Wants to Ban iPods, Cell Phones While Crossing the Street

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In 2007, State Senator Karl Kruger fought to ban pedestrians listening to iPods or talking on smartphones while crossing the street. The bill was shot down. But the New York lawmaker is making another pass.

Kruger wants to establish $100 fines for anyone with a digital distraction while crossing the street. According to CBS, a similar bill was proposed in Arkansas where it -- like Kruger's previous bill -- failed. The Arkansas lawmaker claimed he didn't believe it would ever pass, but he wanted the issue to be brought to the forefront.

It seems overly draconian, but as both a driver and pedestrian in New York City, I'm conflicted. On one hand, I'm overly cautious if I'm walking while on my Droid or listening to MP3s. But as a driver, I wish I had fewer pedestrians stepping into the street, then looking up to see me drive past. Morons.

Yes, I would argue that the crosswalk distraction is far more benign than texting while driving. And I'd rather not be fined for listening to music on my commute. But I'd prefer if everyone would pay more damn attention while behind the wheel or crossing a street.

As sad as it is, we need a Sesame Street re-education.
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