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Nude Housekeepers Always in Demand in Czech Republic

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Car wash business a little sluggish? Bring in topless women.

News reports too dull? Bring in topless women.

Sequestered jury still deadlocked? Bring in topless women.

The axiom "sex sells" is proven every second of every day with bus ads, Nielsen ratings, promotional booths, music videos -- just about every single facet of our lives. Rarely does the human condition prevent us from enjoying the sight of an attractive person, no matter what the context. And if they could get a little work done around the house, all the better.

Having little option in terms of income, college students in the Czech Republic have started up a nude housekeeping service. Folks in need of a little dusting along with some eye candy can order up cleaners in their underwear, topless, or completely in the buff. Metro UK reported the service goes for £150 an hour.

Economics student Katka Kopecka told the paper, "We needed to find work and couldn't find it so we thought of this." Adding, "Nobody likes cleaning and everyone likes to look at a good body."

But don't think that economics degree is going to waste. Kopecka knows well enough that many women -- and some men -- would like to take a gander of a guy holding a mop, so the service also includes men along with women on the 15-person team.

The 21-year-old also clarified it's not a prostitution ring. "Quite often the people asking for our services are busy business people who want to relax. Watching someone clean your house in underwear is a nice way for them to relax."

And if the floor gets washed, too, all the better.
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