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Nissan to Pump Breathable Vitamin C Into Car to Help Moisturise (UK Headline Alert!) Driver's Skin

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Okay, so Nissan has announced a new model equipped with "highly concentrated Plasmacluster Ions - developed by Sharp - that will help keep the skin naturally moisturised." (Again, with the crazy British spelling...)

It will also install "'friendly' speedometers that will remind you of wedding anniversary dates or birthdays." (But no texting or calling while (whilst?) first!)

It will also come with "'Forest AC' air conditioning system which is designed to recreate 'the refreshing breezes, temperature, humidity and aroma of natural forests'". (Insert something here please--it's early and I didn't sleep well last night...)

The car will even "be able to detect various...bad smells - such as from animals and factories - and will automatically switch the ventilation on if required." ("Hey, what's that smell?" "Oh, uh...must be an animal. Or a factory! Yeah, gotta be a factory, sweetheart...)

Additionally, Nissan says it plans to install a safety system that, upon detecting a pedestrian, will "automatically raise the accelerator pedal and begin to break while beeping."

The car slows, beeps, then breaks?

Hm, I thought that was only supposed to happen to Toyotas.

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