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Nintendo 3DS Making Thousands Feel Sick

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Months ahead of releasing the 3DS, Nintendo warned consumers that its 3D console might not be fit for kids under 6. Not because some of its games would feature blood splattering battles with gore galore, but rather because the 3D effects could damage the development of children’s eyes.

Well, it turns out that kids aren’t the only ones who could come down with a little case of what doctors refer to as the “These-3D-Graphics-Are-Making-Me-Dizzy- And-Going-To-Puke-Now” syndrome, or T3DGAMMDAGTPNS.

The Telegraph reports that thousands of 3DS players are becoming ill while playing the console, suffering headaches and dizziness. The cause of the discomfort is that 3D graphics require both eyes to work harder to interpret the dual images used to create 3D effects. Plot aside, remember how awful you felt after seeing Avatar? Yup.

But players aren’t just angry over the optical discomfort. They’re also peeved about how some retailers are handling refunds.

“Sundeep Tailor, 27, from Luton said he started to feel unwell after playing his 3DS for just three minutes. But when he took the product back to his local Game store he was initially offered a refund of £176.99, which is £30 less than the price he had paid,” the Telegraph reports. “Mr Tailor told The Sun: ‘I lost money in just 24 hours. There will probably be more people in my position.’”

For its part, Nintendo issued a statement saying that the console was designed “with a 3D depth slider that lets users adjust the 3D effect so that everyone can still enjoy this product.” Nintendo also reassured consumers that the effects of the motion sickness aren’t long-lasting, and that they can be mostly avoided by limiting game play to 30 minutes.

While official sales numbers of the console won’t be released until April 14th, Nintendo has already said that the machine is the fastest selling console in its arsenal to date. Ensuring that gamers can continue to enjoy the console without, well, vomiting everywhere is probably a chief concern of Nintendo’s crack team of 3Dologists.

Of course, Nintendo could save a lot of time by simply pairing the 3DS with another revolutionary product: the Nintendo Barf Bag 3000.
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