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Nicaragua Invades Costa Rica; Google Maps Error to Blame

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Last week, Nicaraguan military forces invaded an area of Costa Rica near San Juan Lake after Google Maps erroneously shifted a disputed border the two countries have been fighting over for 150 years.

Commander Eden Pastora told Costa Rican newspaper La Nacion that he thought the territory belonged to Nicaragua because it said so on Google Maps.

Google quickly stepped in to fix the mistake.

“This morning, after a discussion with the data supplier for this particular border [the US Department of State], we determined that there was indeed an error in the compilation of the source data, by up to 2.7 kilometres,” wrote Google geopolicy analyst Charlie Hale. “Once our updates go live in Google Earth and Maps we will be depicting the border according to the most recent and definitive records available. But as we know, cartography is a complex undertaking and borders are always changing. We remain committed to updating our maps as needed.”

Costa Rica is pleased with the update, but Nicaragua is asking Google to keep the border demarcation as-is.

However, if Nicaragua's military had used Microsoft Bing to suss out the situation, none of this ever would have happened:

Seems that Bing had it right all along.
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