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New Yorkers More Stressed About Economy Than Anyone Else

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Well, this is fairly stressful.

The American Psychological Association recently released its latest survey on stress levels in the country, and surprise, surprise, we New Yorkers are more likely than our neighbors across the country to be stressed out by the economy, personal health, and housing.

75% of New Yorkers cite the economy as a significant source of stress, compared to 65% nationally.

44% of New Yorkers report eating too much unhealthy food, compared to 40% nationally.

And only 54% of us are satisfied with our jobs, compared to 64% nationally.

On the upside, we do report that we walk more than the rest of America. But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. The reason why I walked so much today? Because the freakin’ L train broke down, so I had to walk all the way back to the G train to catch the E in Queens, and then walk all the way down from 42nd street because of a “police investigation” at 33rd street.

Of course, I got trapped in one of those horrific cycles of hitting every single red light on my walk downtown, so by the time my heart reached any kind of acceptable rate for cardiovascular health I had to stop again.

Oh well.

At least New Yorkers can try to breathe through it when they lay awake at night, paralyzed by stress and unable to go to sleep.

44% of us have that privilege.
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